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....regular meetups of gov/non gov digerati in a cafe over a cup of tea. Teacamps are informal and you can just turn up.


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We are pleased to announce the next Agile teacamp is on Thursday 19 July, 4 – 6pm

We will have two great sessions:

  • Roo Reynolds (@rooreynolds) will talk about product management in the Government Digital Service. His talk is currently titled “What i’ve learned so far doing product management in government: good and bad examples from a range of GDS projects”, though he reserves the right to change it every week before Agile Tea.
Time and place

  • 19 July – just come along, there is no need to book
  • Cafe Zest, 4pm – 6pm at 2nd floor House of Fraser, 101 Victoria St London SW1E 6QX

Contact info


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  1. Looking forward to this one guys.

  2. [...] was recently invited to give a short talk at Agile Teacamp, an event where people come to learn about and share their experiences with agile software [...]

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